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Steered Straight is helping students, schools, families and communities know the truth about drugs and the dangers associated with them. 


Knowledge will steer you straight toward making sound, rational decisions and positive, informed choices.


Which course is right for you?

Whether you are a student looking for the truth about drugs, a parent or school educating youth on drugs and their effects on the person, their friends and their family or a person looking to recover and start a new life, we have a course for you.

Straight Talk

  • Unique lessons on alcohol and drug awareness and prevention
  • How choices & decisions will affect the rest of your life.
  • The straight facts on drugs
  • How drugs, alcohol & nicotine effect the developing brain
  • How to deal with peer pressure when it comes to nicotine, alcohol & drugs

Vaping Me Crazy

  • What is vaping and its history
  • Learn the negative effects of vaping trends and serious health risks involved for teens and young adults 
  • How vaping was Big Tobacco's solution to decline in cigarette smoking
  • How vaping leads to marijuana use

Fentanyl: Fake & Fatal

  • The facts about fentanyl and what it is doing to our youth today. 
  • History of fentanyl and how drug pushers and drug cartels are getting rich from it
  • Fake pills and where they come from
  • How fentanyl effects the body and the brain
  • How to treat a fentanyl overdose

Popular Course

Straight Talk - Offered free of charge

Unique lessons on how choices & decisions can affect the rest of your life.

A fast-paced and easy to follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of drugs and the effects they have on you and the power of making the right choices so you can lead a happy and prosperous life. 


Popular Course

Fentanyl: Fake & Fatal - Offered free of charge

This course lays out the facts about fentanyl and what it is doing to our population. It shows you where it is coming from and how it is lining the pockets of drug cartels and drug dealers with no concern for it's effects on the user. 


Popular Course

Vaping Me Crazy

An online course created for middle and high school students to learn more about e-cigarettes, vaping and Juuling. Educates the student on the negative effects of vaping and gives the facts on how the use of e-cigarettes is unsafe for kids, teens and young adults.


The Parenting Breakthrough 101

This course is designed to help parents gain a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of parenting. We will explore the different approaches to parenting, and how to best navigate the parenting journey. By the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of how to be a successful parent.



Who can learn from this program? 

Our online courses are designed to be completed by middle and high school students. 

However, they can be beneficial to anyone interested in learning more about the truth about drugs and their effects on youth today. Our courses can also be used as an educational program for teachers, parents and other community members.

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