One Step Away


One Step Away:            

A Unique Program to Stop the Revolving Door of Recidivism

A 10-Step educational series for inmates, where the student learns Michael DeLeon's Ten Principles of Successful Re-Entry into society, gains a better understanding about the nature of substance abuse and addiction and how to journey from addiction to recovery. It includes new strategies to not only plan for re-entry, but how to put those strategies into place upon release.
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Foundation for Recovery

A study guide for building a foundation for Recovery, based on the award-winning documentary, Kids Are Dying. It highlights the drug overdose epidemic and how it is affecting our population–from inner cities to the suburbs. No-one is exempt! While the stories in the film, Kids Are Dying, are from the streets of New Jersey, the same holds true for Anytown, USA.
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Impact: Families & Addiction

A drug prevention course using the film “Son to Son” as its base, focuses on several key themes and topics related to substance abuse prevention and awareness. “Son to Son” is a short film that explores intergenerational trauma and the impact of drug addiction on a family.
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Mended: From Brokenness to Healing

Have you ever been so broken or shattered into a million pieces by the pain of loss, trauma, mental or physical abuse that rocks you to your core and you do not know how to live again? Well, this course takes you on a journey that will show you how to pick up those shattered pieces of you on the floor and put them in a stained-glass stronger, beautiful version of you where the wound is where the light shines through.

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